Edna May Pettie

September 2, 1878 – January 1, 1948

Edna May was an American actress and singer. A popular postcard beauty, May was famous for her leading roles in Edwardian musical comedies.

Santa Maria– 1895

Si Stebbings in Syracuse– 1895

The Belle of New York– 1897

An American Beauty– 1900

The Girl from up there– 1901

Three Little Maids– 1902

The School Girl– 1904

The Darling of the Guards– 1904

La Poupé– 1904

The Catch of the Season1905

The Belle of Mayfair- 1906

Nelly Neil– 1907


Geneviève “Ginette” Lantelme

Born: May 20, 1883

Died: July 24, 1911

A French stage actress, socialite, fashion icon, and courtesan. Considered by her contemporaries to be one of the most beautiful women of the Belle Epoque.

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